You can call me Evy, I'm a 18-years-old French girl who's trying to get fitter and stronger. Indeed, one year ago, i was complaining about the body I had and then I started wanting to change...
So here I am, now: 105 lbs (48kg), 5 ft 2 (160cm). I'm now happy with the body I have but still want to improve my physical capacities...So i workout every day, I lift weights, do cardio, walk, run, and i totally approve my new life ! KEEP GOING !

Hi! Long time that i didn’t post anything! I’m quite busy actually. I lead other projects at this time, but i’m going back soon, ‘cause holidays are coming! Sorry if i didn’t answer to your message, it will be done soon I hope!! Have a nice day !!


sooooooo happy, squats and gluteal bridge are definitely good exercises 

ahhh the notes! even if the picture is a little blurred…!! well, thanks, i couldn’t imagine that it will increase to this point. it’s the first time one of my pic has so much notes  ^^’ 
hi, here is an older photo than the others but i’ve just realized that i’ve never posted it ^^ 
by the way i’m thinking about making an abs challenge or squat challenge, i’ll tell you more when i’ll create it!
Hii good morning. Yes morning in France.
Anonymous asked:
Whats your diet plan? How did you lose fats around hip and thighs?

My diet plan: eat less (i used to eat more than i needed) and healthy as much as i can. It’s sometimes difficult but it works !

Anonymous asked:
New pics ?

soon :)

morpheusgr asked:
Where do you submit photos of you?

I don’t really submit photo. I do sometimes. But i don’t know many tumblr where submit my photos. But i think it can be a good thing

Anonymous asked:
Great job your body looks great! I hope you are proud of yourself.

Thanks :) I am but i have to do better ^^

Hi tumblr ! I wasn’t present for a long time since i was in holidays but now i’m going to come back, better than ever (i hope so!)
Sorry if i’ve not replied to everybody but i write from my phone so it’s difficult. I’ll fix that soon.
Bye bye!!! Enjoy your workout :D

Anonymous asked:
Hablas español?? Eres preciosa!!!

Un poco.. gracias ^^ 

Anonymous asked:
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i don’t care